Akdağ Mountains

Akdağ Mountains are at the east part of Tauros Mountains. From the garden of Tlos Mountain Lodge, every morning you can see  the amazing view of these mountains, and if you would like, by 30 kms car travel, you can reach more than the foot of the mountain..

Till June there is snow on high altitudes of these mountains and there are nice walking paths and flatlands around the mountain.. Having a short walk at one of these paths would be great in summer time as the weather would be cool.

Akdağ in winter time;





Trekking and Hiking Tours

Around Tlos and Yakaköy there are short and long walking route options. And most of the famous Ancient Lycian Way routes are not far from Mountain Lodge. Daily Lycian Way walking tours are available.

Tour guide service is provided for all hiking and cycling tours.



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Ancient Lycian Town Tours by Bicycle

In Yakaköy and other neighbor villages there are ancient Lycian towns such as Pınara, Sydma, Xhantos etc.

Pınara ;

From Tlos Mountain Lodge to Pınara you will cycle about 25 kms through village roads with less trafic and after Minare village there is 2 km dirty road climb to Pınara ancient town. The rest part is to walk around the ruins surrounded with nature.





Sydma is 12 kms far from Eşen town, after Minare village instead of cycling along the main road you can follow the channel road which is mostly dirt road you will reach the crossroad to Sydma ancient town, half of the rest part is a nice climb to Dodurga village and Sydma.



Xhantos ;

Another Lycian city which you can cycle from Yakaköy is Xhantos, it is located in Kınık and 30 km far from Mountain Lodge Hotel, first you will cycle from Yakaköy to Saklıkent crossroad and turn right to Korubükü village and by cycling along Eşen river you will reach Xhantos, one the biggest Lycian city.


Village Tours by Bicycle

Bağlıağaç and Arsaköy;

After climbing to Tlos ancient town, partially through dirt roads, you can reach first Bağlıağaç, and it is optional to cycle to Yakapark and have rest there and turn back to the hotel or keep on climbing to Arsaköy are the other options.  The landscape is getting wonderful while the altitude is getting higher.



Kayacık and Çatak villages ;

Starting from Mountain Lodge after 10-15 kms climb through mostly dirt roads, you will reach first Kayacık and after Çatak village, these villages are at 550-650 mt altitude. You will see valleys and small rivers on the way.



Other route options are available. For further information please contact us.

Tlos Mountain Lodge and Cycling

Tlos Mountain Lodge is surrounded by a many mountain biking routes, it is optional to climb to higher altitudes and cycle around other small villages and watch the amazing scene, or you can cycle down from Mountain Lodge for a while and after short climbs you can reach Lycian ancient towns.

There is an alternative cycling route for anyone who likes to cycle around Tlos Mountain Lodge.

Tour guide service is provided for all cycling tours.

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